Thursday, January 2, 2014

Mission Hippy #1 Jan 2, 2014


And there was much rejoicing....... yay.

Just kidding... small is ok by me. Even if it is JUST for me, that's ok too because it will help me remember to keep taking steps.

Our first Mission!! Should you choose to accept it....

Is there anyone else out there like me with about 12 of these bags but you never remember to ACTUALLY get them to the store? Drives me crazy and makes me so annoyed with myself when I come home with yet another stinking plastic bag.

So now. This week. I focus on actually taking in re-useable bags!! 

Link below to your post with your experience with plastic bags vs. re-useable bags. 
I'ld love to hear how anyone actually made it a habit to take them in all the time.

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  1. I made this my intention several years ago and now it is just habit to always use reusable bags. No secret tip. I made sure they stayed in the car, and I went back and got them out when I realized (usually halfway through shopping) that I had forgotten them! It also helps to have lots of bags so there is always one or two in the car. I also carry a small one in my purse all the time that I can use at the bookstore, craft store etc. Good luck making the habit stick!