Monday, June 27, 2011

Finally, something normal to post about

Brittany has been home for 3 weeks now waiting for her counts to come up before round 3 of chemo. So this Saturday and Sunday I devoted to doing a little 'junking'. 

What I ended up with certainly wasn't junk though... it will be hard to EVER beat this weekend!

On Saturday I focused on yard sales and second hand stores - usually for books
(For more on my book obsession see my book blog Bunny Tales at: )

The nice little green bankers lamp back there I got for $5.00. I had been looking for one of those. All in all the books laid out, one that I forgot to photograph, and the lamp totaled $8.00

Then Sunday there was an auction in town. And I hit the jackpot. I've been searching for a hutch. I knew exactly the hutch I wanted, which usually is a sure fire way to make sure it's the hutch I'll never find. But lo and behold. There it was. Then I was sure I would get outbid. However, apparently, no one else really wanted a hutch. I'll never tell what I paid. But it was criminal.

Once I got the room re-arranged for it I was so happy I literally almost cried!!! To me this is perfection. I try not to be a 'things' type of person, but the things in my dining room make me feel so happy!

Sorry about the low quality photos. It was after 9 when I took these and I did it with my cell phone. 

I hope your weekend was equally enjoyable!