Saturday, September 26, 2009

So glad I'm not a teenager anymore...sort of

It's homecoming in the little hamlet of Maquoketa. 2 girls in high school this year was twice the fun getting ready.

Which do you think is more stressful, getting ready, or getting them ready. Everything is a crisis!! Don't ya love drama.

My oldest angel is in the blue...with the boyfriend in the sports car. A red Celica. (it's his Mom's! lucky her!!)
My youngest is a freshman this year and changed her hair 3 times before she was happy. Her guy was pretty nervous but what a sweetie!

They are my beauties and I hope they have fun, but I sure am glad it's over!
The next manicure around here is MINE :)


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I'm excited to start the Fall Reading Challenge at Callapidder Days! I love to read, love books, and love to hear what everyone else is reading and how they like it!

Here is my list
  • The Time Travelers Wife - Audrey Niffenegger
  • Atlas Shrugged - Ayn Rand
  • Jane Eyre - Charlotte Bronte
  • Lisey's Story - Stephen King
Maybe a little ambitious with the Ayn Rand thousand pager on there, but I'll get to them sooner or later!!

Some more weekend finds and projects to ready

Went over and got reconnected with my next door neighbor. She's an older lady and years ago I had helped her with some computer tutoring. She never put it together that I was the one who had moved in next door 5 years ago. So now she's all happy about neighboring again and said for me to come over just ANY time :) I picked up this cute little juice size pitcher. Eyed some other things that I later went back to get. and hopefully will post about later. This guy has some fleabites on the ice lip. still very cute funky little piece. for $2.00

Funny kitchy little tree frog hooks. too cute! for a buck I couldn't resist.

Project number 1. Maybe Ivory paint for this guy? Got him for a Dollar. Bathroom perhaps?

Project first chalkboard project.

This is my favorite piece. I got the tile for $1.00 and the easle (silver with a bamboo look if it doesnt show up that well) for a dime. I love the colors of teal and chocolate in the tile. It makes me happy.

Here's what I went back to neighbor Helen's for. The cornucopia, well everyone should have one for fall, there were about 3 others over there and I should have grabbed them all (since I think the leftovers may have gone to the dump...sad day) and the flowers and leaves in it and the flowers in my urn in the backgroud, plus flowers for my door basket. I was very happy to so simply add a season to my home.

Of course I did have an approval committee inspecting the purchases.

He seems rather disinterested.


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Yard SaleExtravaganza!

Our City wide yard sale was this weekend, but folks have figured out that anticipation is a great motivator so many of the sales actually started on Thursday even though the date for the City Wide sales was set for Saturday. I began scoring early!

My first trip out scored me the fun little christmas candles for .50 cents, the garland with mini lights and a battery pack for $3.00, The copy of Dr. Zhivago for .50Cents, the little hobnail vase for .25 cents and the little glass lamp and shade (which does not match) for $2.00 for a grand total spending of...$ far.

I'm new to blogging...very very new...and actually so inspired by all of the decorating blogs I've found and thrifting blogs and...well all of it! I can't wait to see more and share more!!

And at another stop...4 Ayn Rand's for $.10 cents each for a total in spending now of $7.15. I'm excited to have these!
Friday I had to run to the mall with my daughters to shop for shoes but since I took the day off, I started in on yard sales as soon as we got home. Niether daughter would join me. I'm not worried. The bug will bite them one of these days!

So I walked up the street to the end of the block and found these:

The table was marked 10 for $1.00. How could I resist the adorable shape of the Taylor Smith and Taylor Boutonniere set or the vintage Fire King mugs. I just needed the round cake pan. And then on another table I found this cute little bird cage. (The flower inside is just for fun, I got that at another stop) Too fun! So where was I? Oh yes total so far $8.65

On to the next stop...
And see more great finds from all over here:
LOVE this site! :)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New one of youngest angel and friend

I like this picture of Catherine, shows her just as she is...beautiful!

Too Much To Catch Up On

Lets surfice it to say, prayer works.
In it's own time and it's own way, but just fine.

Girls are fine an both in high school and homecoming is coming up. Dresses and hair and makeup and shoes. finery and silly boys who'll ditch their tie in the first 5 minutes of the dance. Seems trivial from this side.

dont most things?

looking back is just that way.