Thursday, January 30, 2014

Mission Hippy #4

January 30, 2014

Welcome to Mission Hippy. A weekly meme where we post about how we intend to treat good ole' Mother Earth better! Even if you're just taking baby steps (like me most of the time) make a post about it and link up!
This week I've made a HUGE decision. This will be one of the biggest Mission Hippy's I bet I ever do. I've downsize. 

 I love my house. This is such a hard decision!! But it's not fair. This house needs a family. This house was EXACTLY what I needed EXACTLY when I needed it. But that time is passed and although I haven't owned it very long, just 2 years and 2 month, I'm going to bid it a wonderfully fond farewell. 
I'm also leaving the town I'm in. My kids are gone. And while I'm very vested in my church, I believe my faith is portable. Even my best friend is moving away this spring. 
I have to own a home, I have too many cats to try to find a place to rent, but I'll find something more efficient. More compact. 

I hope someone comes along and turns that whole lawn into a garden :)

How about you? What are you doing to minimize the footprint this week?

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