Friday, January 10, 2014

Mission Hippy - Foraging

Mission Hippy #2 January 9, 2014 (actually posted on January 10th because I forgot)


Ok so I don't even remember what it was... but something today at work had the word foraging in it and it got to me to thinking.. foraging, hunting and gathering, finding things... finding useful things instead of buying things... Looking for things I already own or that I can create with what I own or what I can find that wont cost me any real money!! :) 
It's more than repurposing: It's eggs from the guy I work with. It's morels in the spring from the public hunting land. It's growing my own tomatoes from seeds given to me from a friend.. and yes, it's going through all my junk to find fun stuff to use. 
Here's my 'foraging idea' for now.
I am buried in craft supplies and I have scant little Valentine's decorations.
So I'm going to take a paper bag and cut out some hearts, wax them , and lace crochet with variegated pink thread around the edges and make a garland. Zip cost. Million dollar bang. and hella cute! (I'll prove it soon!)

I'm also swapping out furniture pieces in my house from room to room. I had a thing for ladder shelves for awhile and now I'm selling those and moving some of my better pieces in. Not to mention just freeing up floor space. And art work too. 

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