Saturday, September 11, 2010

Autumn Aesthetics

I know fall isn't for another couple of weeks - technically - but I'm not the only one who was woe-ed by cool evenings and crisper mornings.
 What do you think... I love my dusty purple and cream flowers, do they work ok for fall?
I don't have a ton of fall things... so I increased my collection a bit today.

 I found these great plates, both the basket weave and the leaves, at Super Dollar. So yes they were only a dollar a piece. For less than $10.00 I put this together.

My napkins and rings from last weeks yard sale work perfect again!

The finials work nicely too! I'm going to deck them out in orange and black ribbons for Halloween.

My Column has donned it fall accessories

As always with my house.... it's a work in progress :)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Hello I'm Laura and I"m a rummageaholic!

I think I have a problem...

last night my daughter and her friend that was spending the night wanted to go to Dollar General for cheap energy drinks. So off we went... and I saw a yard sale sign and my mind went "lets go lets go lets go lets go!" and I told myself 'no no no no'

and then promptly drove to the movie store instead of Dollar General and got out of the car and the kids were laughing at me... 'uh mom? why are we at the movie store?' and I was like... Uh oh...this isn't where I was going. :)

Besides I had already been to one that evening and I made myself wait for the others until this morning. There were only 2 but one was purty good!!

Last night I got this ...

I just love the colors!! Not sure where I'm going to put it...

Then this morning...

These beautiful dresses were $4.00 each!! I thought that was very VERY resonable!!
One for each angel!!

The girls are always required to wear black slacks for concert band, chorus, drama competitions, speech, etc... We have a couple pair but these were .50Cents and in youngest angel's size!!

This guy was only .50 cents too

I put him here under the yardsale basket filled with the yard sale fruit...

Then on to the next sale...
I like this sale a lot!

First thing I saw practically I picked up!

Finials 2 for $1.00... LOVE them! Not sure where I'll put these... hmmmm.

Couldn't resist these snack trays... cool sage green with distressed tan/brown accents... 2 for $3.00 and once again, not sure where I'm going to put these either.

Did I mention everything at this sale was 1/2 price today? Wow!! :)

Lots of nice clothes too.. Oldest Angel (who is just starting to love yard sales) found this super soft hoodie (yes it says Poopy's... it's ..well... this place. Restaurant, biker bar, tattoo parlor, family friendly.. I know.. but it really is. Go figure) and the distressed Z. Cavarricci blazer 2 for 1.50.

There were a couple other things I saw there that played on my mind so in about 1/2 an hour after we left I called my mom and we went back :)

For these... I don't know what the heck I was thinking leaving them lay there in the first place.. I mean really this was a no brainer!!  But I didn't think I had anything to match...

8 napkins 6 rings - all never used!! $1.50
Told ya it should have been a no brainer!! Would you have let them lay there and walk away!! I simply can't believe they were there when I got back.

Once I got home I put the yard sale napkins and rings with my yard sale everyday dishes and low and behold....

I was pretty pumped!! It looks like they should have been sold as coordinates!

So while I was there at the sale I thought about upcoming fall decorating and wondered why I passed up these...
The stripped pillar candle is the new addition and the colors go perfect with everything in my room! Especially for fall.

and then these...

 The brown candle and the 'marbled' cream colored candle... more and more white/cream is creeping into my decorating!!
These guys were a .25 cents each.

I'm going to have some fun with these...
I hadn't even noticed these before. I whole baggie full of black sign numbers and letters. I'm sure there are craft projects floating around the blogs where I can get inspired to use these puppies!! And feel free to let me know if you have an idea right now!

An impulse buy, but I'd learned my lesson on passing stuff up!
As I was waiting for my Mom to buy her candles (nice rust colored tapers) I snatched this off a display table.. I had looked at it 3 times. Ditto 3 as they say and Nine West for 1.50 is pretty easy to take. Especially since, at 45, I am taking 2 college classes to finish up my Associates and then go on to get my Bachelors. I needed a 'grown up' looking book bag.

I think that's it today... like Queen of Fifty Cents, I usually see some sweet critters at the sales and today this lady's son had a black poodle tucked in his jacket, and I wished I would have brought my camera!

I think I need a nap!!