Friday, April 30, 2010

Ms. Fix-it

One of the severe drawbacks to living alone is not having someone around to do know...little fix it projects, big fix it projects or simply the things I have no idea how to do.

Like a totally clogged sink.

Except I had a pretty good idea what was wrong.

See there are 3 of us and well, we all have manes..not just hair but thick, coarse, loooong hair! And sometimes we wash said locks in...uh huh.... the sink. The dilemma was pretty clear. The sink was full of hair

 I said hair, not HARE!

And I thought I would have to call a plumber, butt the thought was frightening.

 So I took a minute and thought about it...really. I know the logic of a gravity sink, and I know the idea behind a snake, and I have a big wrench. and a bucket.

So I tackled my self. My wrench, my bucket and a good idea. And it worked. I pulled the trap apart under the sink and I'm pretty sure I actually pulled out Chewbacca!

Note to anyone who wants to get inspired enough to try this....this. did. NOT. smell. pleasant!

But when I put it all back together...and it DID all go back together which was another one of my ran faster than since I've lived here! Well worth the effort and a character building risk ;)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

An Easter Table

I'm posting this a little late. I know that. We had such fun with Easter dinner this year. Just making it relaxing and spring time pretty. Our weather here was beautiful so I wanted spring around me everywhere.

Linking to Tablescape Thursday over at Between Naps on the Porch too

A Tiny Table overflowing with family and love.

My Grandmother's China. She lived in West Virginia and was a school teacher. My Mom got me the beaded placemats. The silverware is nothing special and not even sure where it came from. It's just my everyday stuff. The napkin rings I got all 4 for $1.00 at the second hand store here in my little town.

Isn't he sweet? From my mom. Easter with the Shabby Rabbit without bunnies? Now that would just not be right.

Monday, April 5, 2010

The Host - Stephanie Meyer : An Opinion not a really a review

I find I had to  keep reminding myself that this is aimed at the young adult audience. Or else I would have put it down.

Don't get me wrong. The premise was wonderful! Brilliant even. A concept I've toyed with but could never bring to fruition and Ms. Meyers did and really very well!

It was the writing. And the languid pace. And her romanticism of the tough female protagonist stoically bearing abuse both mental and physical..and worse  rationalizing it with "I had it coming". And her advocating her protagonist lieing about her age with the hope of sex with an older man. (which, thankfully, is only alluded to!!)

Did I say this was a young adult book?

My 15 year old daughter read this and of course the Twilight series and felt this one was better and I hate to disappoint her by not liking it. I'll give her this. The premise WAS better and at least unique and original, but the stilted writing, trite dialog, and fluff filled plot was just not enough for me to 'really' like it.

Have I read worse? Oh most certainly...I'm honest enough to admit I've written worse! The disappointment lies with how good the idea was to not be well developed.

I hate not liking a book. And I'm sorry to say so here in print. And I'm sure it has its fans and that's great! And I'm not opposed to reading for 'escape-ism" so it's not that I'm a total book snob either. (I have 2 shelves full of Stephen King). This just didn't do it for me.

I will, however, give it the props it does deserve for an interesting premise

2//5  (2 on a scale of 1-5, 5 being best)