Thursday, January 16, 2014

Mission Hippy #3 - January 16, 2013

First off, let me just say... I have NOT YET remembered my dang re-usable bags!!  Luckily I haven't been to the store that often either.
I'm not going to get frustrated but just keep resolving to take this step... this is definitely a 'better late than never' item. And I'll get there one of these days.

So this week... it snowed. My neighbor, bless his heart right down to his toes... came out with his snowblower and did not only his sidewalk but mine as well. :)

Which is awesome and I owe them like a pan of brownies or something fun like that...but I'm a shoveler. There is nothing quite so green and quite so eco-hippy as shoveling your own snow.

When the snowblower headed my way I could smell that horrible 2 stroke smell. Is that the smell of sloth? really?

And the noise. while the shhhhhhhrech shhhhhhrech of a snow shovel on cement is exactly symphonic, it's not as bad as a huge self-propelled snow blower. or as in my neighborhood, 4 or 5. Even worse are the snows where someone decides the leaf blower will work. Really? If the leaf blower moves it you don't think you'd do just as well with a nice, no fossil fuel, or electricity hogging, noise creating, broom???

So that's hipspiration for today...
If I can do it... ANYONE can do it :)
(almost... if you can't maybe you can hire a teenager who can!)

Please ... leave a comment on what your Mission Hippy was this week :)

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