Saturday, June 5, 2010

Crazy Cat lady

I've been a cat lover my entire life.

I own 2. They drive me crazy with their weird ways and tons of fur. I can no longer own any black clothes.
This is Turtle Cat and the Spy...see her peeking around? Actually named Romeo (he's the big one) and of course Juliette...although I got them at different times.

And all was well...mostly...until

A panicked phone call from Youngest Angel saying "Mom!! There's kittens!! and their dieing!" And she was in tears and worst of all she was right!

And along came these 2

They barely had their eyes open. The one with the white (I call lil one cuz it's half the size of the gray one) had scabs on it's face and front legs. The day was soooo hot and the sun was just beating down on them!! They were not long for this world for certain.

But she got them in and dabbed water on them. Made them a nest. And when they fell asleep the kids ran and bought KMR.

At first they were so weak the only way to feed them was off fingers. Or tiny bits from the dropper that came with the kitten rescue kit. And I tried to warn my girls that these little fellas may not make it.

It was a day before they went potty.

But by some's been over a week since we've had them. And they are gaining well. Still some trouble with potty...tad bit (constipated).  May have to run them to the vet if we don't get something over the weekend.

They still need fed every 2 - 3 hours too. so some late nights and bleary eyes...Hey I remember that!

Here they are over the last couple of days...OH and I found a home for them...both together :) Once we get them to being weaned that is.l

See the little scabs on the front legs and on the face too. This one still has trouble walking. It's (his? Her?) back legs splay out behind most of the time

This one's ears are coming up nicely. And is gaining the most.

Youngest Angel is good at feeding them too. They were so lucky! They were found last Thrursday...last Friday was the last day of School! I only had to leave work once to go home and feed them. Good thing I work for an animal feed manufacturer! We make baby pig feed, but a baby is a baby and entreats sympathy :)

"I'm coming for you lady!"

 We love our loves too!

1 week down 4 more to go :)

The gray one just about got out of the box a few minutes ago. I keep hoping they will be ok and I'll keep working to make sure they are!

Warm fuzzies from the crazy cat ...uh rabbit? :)


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  1. oh my goodness, please tell me those furbabies both made it ok?!? how absolutely sweet!

    i am so glad you stopped by the cape on the corner, and thank you so much for your comment on the vinyl in my kitty's food corner!