Saturday, May 22, 2010

Posies in the Planter

I'm not very good with outdoor things, like plants or lawns. I never really learned it. Mostly because I don't stay out that long before a bug or a bee or a spider comes creeping along and chases me back inside.

But I"m trying ;)

This year I decided to try it again. Everyone else had such lovely flowers around their homes and it makes it all look so cozy. So on a whim I went to the flower shop.

And brought home some unfortunate adoptees. Bet they feel like they got the worst new parent every! ;)
I love geraniums and think they look so full and rich. And I decided on traditional red. I wanted some dusty miller to put with this but they were all sold out.

The bare spot there next to my hostas were boxwoods that died a couple winters ago that I had pulled out. I'm going to get some transplant variegated hostas to put on either side of my solid green. There's a large picture window above there it will highlight nicely I hope.

I miss placed my other planter, so I opted for a hanging basket. I sure hope it's big enough. Another red Geranium and some of the trailing vinca.

Continuing the red and white theme... there had been a lily plant here, she's a yellow lilly but the growth was looking too wispy there in this small corner planter. So I moved her to another corner. The funny thing about that is...well I did that 2 years ago. I moved her. She moved herself back. Now I'm sure it was just some part of the root I missed that took and regrew...but I"m telling ya! It didn't just die where I had transplanted it, it disappeared! And as it did, it appeared growing in the triangle!

I have the hedgehog on the lookout for it now.

 And I love petunias! I hope they bring hummingbirds this year.

Here's a look down the rest of the bed. It didn't turn out quite how I'd envisioned. But I absolutely Love IT
Oldest Angel and Youngest Angel wanted on the bandwagon too. So they each got to pick out something to plant.

Oldest Angel  chose this perinial lilly. Of course it's orange. We didn't know they came in pink ;) She wanted orange anyway. Lillies are her favorite! How can ya say no to a favorite!

Youngest Angel chose this...and I didn't even know what it was. But I love the dainty flowers and the color...oh yeah... it doesnt fit in my red and white scheme either. Oh well ;) I think I remember it says its a Silene Rolly's Favorite. I like them, they remind me of dainty floral patterned cloth. Color scheme color smeme ;)

And the salsa fixins - green peppers - bell

Tomatos - need to go back and get 2 more cages. Which is being very optimistic that they will live!

And throughout the whole planting project, my overseer. Juliette, she's dainty and must like the flowers! Actually with that look I'm thinking she's liking anything that brings the birds and the bunnies closer! Good thing she never goes outside!

I'll keep you posted on how it goes. The weeds will get brave enough to make a return soon I"m sure and I have had in the past a terrible fight with crab grass getting into these beds.

As I write this I noticed that the OA's Lilly is in bloom but it's a very foggie morning here and I don't think I could get a very good picture. Maybe after bit.

Wish the orphans luck and any tips are always appreciated!

Linking to Outdoor Wednesday this week! Woohoo! Out doors is getting so much more fun with this summer-ish weather!

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  1. Lovely garden photos, I love the youngest angel's plant or flower.