Sunday, August 7, 2011

more changes

Round 3 of Oldest Angels chemo treatment is almost done. We may get to go home tomorrow, if not then only a couple of days at the most.

Then we will have only one more round and she will be done. And hopefully we will never ever every have to deal with a relapse.

The trade of the houses has failed. My mom is miserable and desperately wants her house back. She hates my house with every fiber of her being. And she is very upset if I move anything or do anything at her house. So not a good situation all the way around.

So I opted to put my house back on the market and find something suitable. And on my first look I did. Which also scares me because now I have to get my small house sold fast enough to be able to buy the next one.

Monday ought to bring some interesting changes if I get to meet with my realtor.

Oldest Angel will be home for a week at least, hopefully at most, then back here to the hospital for another 5 or 6 weeks. She may get to come home for good to a home she knows nothing about! Wouldn't that be odd?

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