Friday, April 30, 2010

Ms. Fix-it

One of the severe drawbacks to living alone is not having someone around to do know...little fix it projects, big fix it projects or simply the things I have no idea how to do.

Like a totally clogged sink.

Except I had a pretty good idea what was wrong.

See there are 3 of us and well, we all have manes..not just hair but thick, coarse, loooong hair! And sometimes we wash said locks in...uh huh.... the sink. The dilemma was pretty clear. The sink was full of hair

 I said hair, not HARE!

And I thought I would have to call a plumber, butt the thought was frightening.

 So I took a minute and thought about it...really. I know the logic of a gravity sink, and I know the idea behind a snake, and I have a big wrench. and a bucket.

So I tackled my self. My wrench, my bucket and a good idea. And it worked. I pulled the trap apart under the sink and I'm pretty sure I actually pulled out Chewbacca!

Note to anyone who wants to get inspired enough to try this....this. did. NOT. smell. pleasant!

But when I put it all back together...and it DID all go back together which was another one of my ran faster than since I've lived here! Well worth the effort and a character building risk ;)

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