Saturday, September 19, 2009

Yard SaleExtravaganza!

Our City wide yard sale was this weekend, but folks have figured out that anticipation is a great motivator so many of the sales actually started on Thursday even though the date for the City Wide sales was set for Saturday. I began scoring early!

My first trip out scored me the fun little christmas candles for .50 cents, the garland with mini lights and a battery pack for $3.00, The copy of Dr. Zhivago for .50Cents, the little hobnail vase for .25 cents and the little glass lamp and shade (which does not match) for $2.00 for a grand total spending of...$ far.

I'm new to blogging...very very new...and actually so inspired by all of the decorating blogs I've found and thrifting blogs and...well all of it! I can't wait to see more and share more!!

And at another stop...4 Ayn Rand's for $.10 cents each for a total in spending now of $7.15. I'm excited to have these!
Friday I had to run to the mall with my daughters to shop for shoes but since I took the day off, I started in on yard sales as soon as we got home. Niether daughter would join me. I'm not worried. The bug will bite them one of these days!

So I walked up the street to the end of the block and found these:

The table was marked 10 for $1.00. How could I resist the adorable shape of the Taylor Smith and Taylor Boutonniere set or the vintage Fire King mugs. I just needed the round cake pan. And then on another table I found this cute little bird cage. (The flower inside is just for fun, I got that at another stop) Too fun! So where was I? Oh yes total so far $8.65

On to the next stop...
And see more great finds from all over here:
LOVE this site! :)


  1. I love those Christmas candles and the butter dish! I would have scooped those up in nothing flat. Happy Thrifty Monday.

    Marie @ Lemondrop Vintage

  2. Hello new blogger! So glad you joined the party & got the thrifty bug. Great stuff you found. I love those aqua & white pieces, gorgeous. I hope you'll drop by often, I'm always up to some fun over there.

  3. Wow that dinnerware is fabulous! I would so have picked that up too! amazing!

  4. You got some great buys. I love the thrill of the hunt for the perfect thrifty find...welcome to blogging...I'm going to sign on as your first follower!

  5. I love your finds ! Isn't treasure hunting fun !!
    I added my name to follow - it is a blast ! Come visit me too !

  6. What an amazing score on the Ayn Rand books. Hard to find even in the thrift stores and at .10 cents each! Woo Hoo!