Saturday, September 11, 2010

Autumn Aesthetics

I know fall isn't for another couple of weeks - technically - but I'm not the only one who was woe-ed by cool evenings and crisper mornings.
 What do you think... I love my dusty purple and cream flowers, do they work ok for fall?
I don't have a ton of fall things... so I increased my collection a bit today.

 I found these great plates, both the basket weave and the leaves, at Super Dollar. So yes they were only a dollar a piece. For less than $10.00 I put this together.

My napkins and rings from last weeks yard sale work perfect again!

The finials work nicely too! I'm going to deck them out in orange and black ribbons for Halloween.

My Column has donned it fall accessories

As always with my house.... it's a work in progress :)


  1. Love your new leaf plates!!.. and your floral arrangements are beautiful! (always wished I could take a night class for that.. "one of these days" maybe!!)... Reading as much as I can fit in.. It may not be as much as I wish I could, but I do have a better focus, with the challenge, to read at least a LITTLE bit every day! I'm about halfway through the book I'm reading now.. Have a great day! ~tina