Saturday, January 6, 2018

Hygge Love

Hygge Time!

I have discovered that the life I yearn for and concepts I love, have a name! You all have probably heard it about a million times, but I (just back in the blog-osphere) am just getting to know it.

However I was BORN with the idea...

There are blogs, Pinterrest boards, books, articles, how-to's, guides, and catalogs devoted to it.

Most of which are actually.. or so it seems to me... contrary to the principal of Nordic Hygge.

How, you ask, would I know this if I'm just finding out what the heck this is?

Insider information, foreign exchange student that stayed with my best friend. She's informed me that, while the cozy things are great, Hygge is about people. Leisure and cuddling, being with relaxing ease. Hygge is good for the soul AND the pocketbook.

No need to buy anything!! It's about snuggling in to what you have and cozying up to the simplicity of joy.

I can do that. ...even if I do love looking at all the 50 shades of white images of a Hygge decor and wardrobe. Did a cream fisherman's sweater ever look SO necessary :)

Yet I have my grandmother's crocheted afghan (in about 10,000 different colors because that was Hygge to her) or the quilt she made of their old clothes that my mother loved telling stories about and THAT is really the ESSENCE of Hygge!! It's you and love and appreciation!! Not what stuff Bed Bath and Beyond just got in.

So pull your socks up and light the candle you love, poke the fireplace if you have one and put some orange peels and cinnamon on the stove to simmer. Winter is here and all that's cozy springs from it.

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