Sunday, April 24, 2016

Long time coming...

I FINALLY sold the big house.

It was a whirlwind of activity. I had to be out in 30 days but didn't have a place yet. So I bought a mobile home. then found a house, then had to sell the mobil home and move all those times.

I bought this:

And from the moment I moved in....

I hated it. All of it. So much wrong that didn't come out... listen up folks. just because they say theyve redone everything, get the whole house inspection. whole house. have them shower, have them do a load of laundry. etc. every little thing.

but it's 3 bedroom, newer siding, newer windows. So it has potential. It looks done, but ... well.. it's not.

I have thousands in concrete to do. I have a sewer issue.

I'm looking at an addition to make it more livable. laundry, bath, sunroom.

I miss porches. So much!

I've lived in a small home before and adored it so it's not the space. It's the mojo of the house. I'm beginning to think I should Sage smudge it.

So. here goes with a list of things to do...
estimates on fixing the driveway and longevity of other concrete walls.

1.  estimate on addition
2.  redecorating
       linens and fabrics
       I'm leaning toward English country cottage as a leading theme.
3.  new appliances.

4.  new garage door opener.

5.  landscaping  - out back is a HUGE garden that I have no time to mess with. need it back to grass with a small area for some manageable

6.  Sump pump work - I don't even want to think about it.

7.  Add a porch - ish area to the front. There's not even an overhang to protect you from the rain.

I think that's about enough to help me lose money!! :)

But here's the trade off...

  1. My utilities are low. It's a much greener house!! That's important to me.
  2. I've downsized and am working on minimalism
  3. It has the potential to take me into my golden years. 
  4. There IS  a garden out back so I can help be green by growing some of my own food..or learning to.
  5. We are working to override the no backyard chickens ordinance so someday I could have chickens.
  6. I'm starting a compost pile and want to get a worm house going to.
  7. It has resale. 3 bedroom ranches will always sell. 

and best of all...
I can write here.

There's a busy (ok well busy for a town of 6,000, street out this window, but I'm getting used to ignoring the sound.

As long as I can write and work on living an eco-friendly life...that's where I need to be.