Thursday, August 15, 2013

Hit and Miss

As sporadic as this blog has been, I've not forgotten it! And now that life is so full of changes, I thought here would be a great place to chronicle some happenings and vent some emotion...

Since my last post:
Oldest Angel finished her first year of college

Youngest Angel graduated from high school

I had to put my mom in a care facility for Alzheimers patients
I have mom's house on the market and a hoarders stash now takes up my whole 2 1/2 car garage

And child support stopped making me realize that I'm in a world of financial hurt...

And it's this last one I would like to blog about more often.

I'm going to work on getting 100% out of debt. 100%
That means credit card
That means cars
That means student loans for my kids
That means home equity loans
That means mortgage

I'm also looking for a different job. In a different city.

And I"m dating.

All of which I find daunting and stressful. Yes. All.

And I'm flirting with being a tad bit depressed over the whole thing...
I've been keeping better tabs on my spending and it honestly seems like the more I watch and try to control, the worse and more out of control it gets... how is that?

Both my girls are in college now...which isn't cheap... and they both move into the dorms this Sunday. So this Monday is the kick-off to financial control.

So just HOW much debt do I have?
I'll tackle that question in my next post.

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