Sunday, August 18, 2013


Moved my girls to college today. Both girls, same day, different schools. About an hour apart. It worked out ok.

But on the financial front it was a killer.

And on all the bills and statements, my parent plus loans aren't showing up. We sorta kinda need those or we have outstanding bills on a couple grand a piece.

These are the types of things that I haven't had (and by had I mean taken) the time to try to figure out.

Well, that leaf has turned and it's time to focus on what needs done.

Straighten out the loans.
Straighten out mom's finances. (which apparently I've managed to mess up because it seems to be what I do lately).
Straighten out my finances - probably by getting a second job.

My life if a living testament to why I want my girls in school pursuing good careers and why I've tried to keep them from being too much into the party scene and not too terribly boy crazy. I hope they've been paying attention and are ready to focus too.

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