Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A little improvement

So the restoration has begun... I love my grand lady but there are a few (hundred) things I have plans to do to help her be her grandest self.

One was finished today...I'm still in sticker shock, but I'm so very happy with it.

From taped down blue carpet (I can't find my before photos dang it) to:

drum roll please.....


A new floor!! :)

I love it! I hope it lasts 4 times longer than carpet.

I broke a cardinal rule though, I didn't get the room painted before the floor went in. I know, I know!! But when I get to that I will tape like crazy and double drop cloth it.

Hmmmm wonder what I should do next????? 

Choices include
stripping wallpaper - in the kitchen and upstairs bedroom
redoing the downstairs bath and putting a shower
kitchen - I could paint the cabinets just to get by for awhile
paint everything!!
attic sealing - and evicting the bats - ewww
etc, etc

what do you think??

oh and I'm hosting a graduation party here May 26th I better get ready for!!

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