Saturday, February 25, 2012

Re-introducing home sweet home

I sold my house and bought this one last fall. I moved in the first of December. So far I have hosted two large get-togethers and a couple girls night ins.

And I have begun to make lists of things I'd like to do it.

For the most part moving into this house has been like slipping into your favorite pair of jeans.

My pet project will be getting my library done. This is a good interiem look, and stores my books well, but eventually I want floor to ceiling built in bookshelves with a window seat. Even more fun would be if I could learn how to do this myself.

I'm becoming very happy with my dining room. I added the table and chairs for $100 off of craigslist, I still won't tell how cheaply I picked up the china hutch (but it was cheap!! ) and get this.... I traded some college text books back to Amazon and they put the value onto a gift card, I then used the gift card to purchase the rug. The price on the rug was amazing!! 120 bucks for a brand new, good quality, 7x10. Seriously!

I still need to pick out paint for in here I'm thinking just a rich deeper-than-sage dusty green.

So thats the first are a few more shots of fun times making new home memories....

Added an oak fireplace to the living room. Love having the TV on this rather than just an entertainment piece.

Two Christmas trees this year and candles in every window. I've never felt so cozy!!

I also have a huge project to do remodeling the kitchen. the powder room... upstairs windows.. my daughter's bedroom...ah and on and on.

I think I'll talk about the kitchen next post. And hopefully I can find my camera again (haven't seen it since the move) and wont have to post cell phone photos! ;)

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