Monday, April 18, 2011

Making a house a home...briefly

So we are still trying to get settled in to our new house after trading with my mom and then having life interrupted by leukemia. Things are slowly coming together.

With the help of the city wide garage sales last weekend I made progress on my living room and entry with a pair of area rugs.
Forgive the picture. I took it this morning from the stairs. I still have before and after pics to post as well one of these days.

Still on the look out for a few pieces. And there are still some nice pieces that will go to mom's when she figures out where she wants them like the amazing desk in the upper corner.

It's a cozy room that makes me happy.

I'll look forward to working on it on our next break from chemo in 4 weeks.

Beej goes back in Wednesday for the 2nd round of chemo. So the commuting begins again.

'til another day's folly.


  1. You and your daughters continue to be in prayers! Glad to hear the hospital has such wonderful support systems in place.

  2. Lovely living room with a lovely rugs. "You and your daughters continue to be in prayers!" here also.

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