Sunday, March 20, 2011

Day 6

Bone marrow said the her leukemia is AML Leukemia which means full inpatient treatment. She will be here for at least 4 weeks probably 5.

We started Chemo therapy right away last Wednesday.

Today is Sunday and we are having some visitors and a friend and coworker of mine is coming to take some pics while we all look like we're used to. But they gave Beej some benadryl and in hospital amounts so she will be sleepy and groggy. Sort of like if you tried to wake someone up who's been on nyquil for a couple of hours. I hope we can get a shot or two despite the fact that I need my roots done so bad!! They are 2 fingers wide now! Hope photoshop can fix that!

She is on her 2nd transfusion at the moment which sounds scary but actually helps her feel so much better.

There are several rounds of chemo she will have to go through to clear the disease and go into permanent remission. She will get to go home for a week or two in between but will be here for the most part for 5 months. I will go back and forth and do the best I can to still make a living.

I have such a strong church family that I know we will certainly always eat :) and I will have all the moral support I need as well as rides anywhere I need to go.

It will be such a long spring and summer. Please keep us in your prayers!


  1. You are all still very much in my thoughts and prayers. I'm glad to hear that you have a strong church family supporting you.

  2. You are very definitely in my prayers. Stay strong. God Bless.