Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wednesday Feb 16 another trip to the Doc

Another trip to the Doc for my oldest. Scheduled another MRI and going to see a Neurologist in Iowa City  - someday, right now the next available appointment they had was in August...yeah, 6 months from now. Not exactly workable.

She also has to have blood drawn every week until her odd shaped white blood cells are identified or clear up. (could be residule mono she didn't even know she had or another virus similar).

I've never in my life been around Doctors's -well MD"s , plenty of PhD's!!

Today is her birthday too. She is 17 today. Nearly grown. In 18 months she'll be packed for college. What happened? Where did it all go?? I hope to get some photos of her playing in her Jazz band at the game tonight. :) I hope she's feeling good when she plays!!

Til tomorrow's folly

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  1. Prayers for her and you. I know as a mom you must be extremely worried.