Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day Feb 14 2011

It came and went so fast. I used to always make a meal and give my girls a valentine's present. Usually something small and I'd put it at their place at the table and turn their plate upside down over it. Like my mother used to do for me on Valentine's day.

Not this year. Too much going on and too many boyfriends for the girls to settle in...and I had class.

Like I've said I have dated some over the past few months, so I was ready just in case...but alas Singles Awareness day came and went and here's what I was left with....

An Empty Vase (this is mine, not a gift). Nothing, nada.

I did get a text that said Happy Valentine's Day from someone I'd like for things to work out with. So I'll take that!!! Better than any ole chocolate!

Hope you all got to do something terribly terribly romantic... or at least more romantic than Statistics Class!!

Til Tomorrow's Folly

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