Monday, February 7, 2011

To Do Monday

My day today consisted of a lot of errands. Enough that I took the day off of work. I had scheduled a vacation day for Friday, I just figured it would work better here.
I took my daughter to school (her bf is sick)
I dug my mom's car out because she drove too far into the snow at the curb
I took my snow blower in to get fixed
I got a new battery put in my Blazer
I took my other daughter to a dr appointment, then Mcdonalds, then back to school.
Went back to Mom's to see if I could do anything else to help there (of course she said no)
Studied for an exam in Statistics
Went and took said statistics exam
Finished homework that was due in statistics
Posted to blog....hey! I think that's everything!

Now a shower and early bedtime :)

Til Tomorrow's folly!

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