Wednesday, February 9, 2011

February 8 2011 - late is becoming a habit

It is memories like these that makes doing this daily blog 100% the right thing to do! This conversation may slip my mind someday, but it will never be totally gone now.  And that makes me very happy!

My oldest angel and I actually got to sit down and have some really good chatting time. I know it was from the heart and meant something to her because we were discussing hopes and plans and goals and what we like to do (like write) and the next thing I know she posted this on her facebook...

Apparently there are some of her peers who believe, as I do, that this is totally possible from her! :)

We also tossed around the idea of doing a joint blog. She loves to cook, I like to decorate. So we thought we would have Friday Night Dinning. She would blog about a dish she makes and I would blog about the guests and the tablescapes. I'd get to totally indulge my dish fetish too!

At least until she leave for college in a little over a year. :(

Till (tonight's) folly

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