Sunday, January 30, 2011

Super Sunday

My Sunday morning started out like a wonderful Sunday morning should. (at least for me if I want some inner peace) I went to church. This Sunday I had offered to help my Mom and her friend Bonnie do the coffee hour for after service. This service starts at 8:15 so this photo was take about 7:50. On a Sunday! Yeah it's tough sometimes but it our contemporary service and I love to sing those songs! (and there's less people who have to hear me sing them)

My Mom is in the red.  It was fun!

The rest of my Sunday was devoted to homework during which I realized I almost missed an assigned essay that's due tonight at midnight. Took me about an hour but it's all done and turned in! Shew that was close. Luckily while I was doing that the rest of my household was doing this....

 How cozy does that look!! The girls were out doing their things so it was just me and 4 sleeping kitties. I did get a lot done!

Big storm coming this week! Hopefully a pic of a new snowblower coming up too.

Till Tomorrow's folly

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