Friday, January 14, 2011

Scary Day

So last night the rumor was going around town that someone got shot. Which is shocking because nothing nothing like that ever ever happens here. Well, I got robbed once, but that was big news!

Turns out the guy wasn't shot, he was the neck...pretty bad...and worse, I know him...worse still, I had a blind date with him once.

He's going to be ok, but he did have to airlifted to the University of Iowa hospital.

He's a nice guy. And all the circumstances point to something shady having gone on..maybe drugs? And should that turn out to be the case it makes me very sad, because when I had dinner with him, he had been adamant that he didn't cotton to illegal drugs at all and didn't even drink.

I'm glad he's going to be ok!! Even though we didn't make a connection, it's still a small town and he only lives 2 blocks from me and we stayed friends.

It was just such a surreal experience. And it makes me feel helpless and I don't really like feeling helpless.

He's the one in the orange. This photo is on his church's website.

I'll be praying for him and his kids.

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  1. Scary indeed. I think anytime something like that happens close to home it is that much more frightening. I pray he will be all right.