Saturday, January 1, 2011

The January of the rest of my life

So I have been slammed busy and am taking a big slow turn with my life to a new direction (more on this later, but there is a huge clue over at my book blog). And while I still visit you guys' blogs very often, I certainly hadn't been doing anything on the 'home' front to blog about.

I could have blogged about being in Community College at 45 when most people assume I have my Bachelors or then some. Because I really have had a great time with it. And I did do well this semester. But that too takes time.

So when New Years rolled around and I had a day or so to reflect I thought of all the changes and how so many things have slipped by. How my blog is not reflecting it. While I keep blogging on my reading, school, and books over at Bunny Tales, I thought up something else to keep alive over here. :) And I hope you don't mind.

I decided that what I'd like to do is record my year. The whole year. Every day. At least one photo. Good or bad. To remind me of what all happened in this block of my time. In these months of my life.

So today I offer Christmas spirit in the form of my tiny tree (notice my little feline elves) in the hopes that this spirit doesn't fade when the decorations are put away

It's only a 5 ft tree but that bow isn't far off the ceiling... it's lower there in that alcove.

And after a long year, I started the year without expectations. And without makeup!! :)

So here I am. No Photoshop I swear!  Recharging for the year ahead and anything it throws at me. With God's help, it will go.. maybe not always fine, but I can strive to react fine and act with Grace.

May God smile on your 2011 and bring you Peace.


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