Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I owe I owe

This was another day focused on work for the most part. And laundry but I don't want to go there anymore tonight ;)

My boss who works primarily from home was in today. We are trying to convince her to let go of the death grip she has on her old faithful comfortable laptop and embrace the wonders of the new, different, changed Dell laptop. This is not as easy as it sounds... and she's the first to admit it!! ;)

Here we are. I'm pouting because I wasn't expecting a photo! (This a little over a year ago which is sorta cheating I know)

There were a few things on the new laptop that needed tweaked. So I spent a couple hours plinking away at it. At one point I was installing a Wireless Access Point, Working on my computer while working on the laptop next to it on the desk. It was a 'Pirates of Silicon Valley' moment for me!

I've discovered one thing about this little project of a year of photos. You really don't know what defined your day until after it was over. It would have been a lot more fun to have gotten this picture with her laptop still there and the WAP box and cords all over.

Notice the obligatory cup of coffee. And try not to notice that awful bare wall above that sad little chair. I may have to do something about that.

I also went and picked up $250 worth of my daughter's contact lenses. Not covered by insurance. I had actually snapped a picture of that, but I just looked too sad and shell shocked to post it.

Ah but I do love her pretty eyes, so it is worth it right?

Until tomorrow's folly

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