Saturday, January 8, 2011

For the Girls

Today was all about my kiddos. First we got up and got ready and drove the 50 minutes to the mall to shop. It was fun for the most part but we were looking for jeans for my youngest and she got frustrated. Boy do I understand!!

Still we came home with quite a bit...good sales going on!

The real event for the day was the High School Choir's Advent Sing...which had been postponed due to bad weather twice! So we had a post-Advent sing ;)

It was still a great evening!

I have another pic to post that I took tonight. My daughter refused to take one with me, but my other daughter snuck me in one. I'll slip that in tomorrow's on my oldest's phone and she already went to bed :)

I can't wait until the musical. They are doing Beauty and the Beast!

Here we are... see she THOUGHT she was getting her picture taken with her boyfriend...but I photo bombed it and got in there too...her boyfriend was in on it, see how she can't see where I am! Now why oh why do I have to go to such lengths to get a picture taken with my daughter!! grr!

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