Friday, January 7, 2011

Decision Day

So I"ve had this idea for quite awhile, but all parties are only now in agreement to get this decision made.

My Mom and I are going to trade houses.

March 1st is the transition date. It's exciting and scary too. It makes perfect sense....

Minus the huge tree laying on it, this is Mom's house. 3 bedroom cape cod with front screen porch

About a half a block away is my house! A 2 bedroom ranch with a finished basement and screened in sunporch.

Her house has much more personality and character, my house has smaller utilities and very simple maintenance.

So it makes sense for her to have the little easy house, and for me and my 2 girls to have the slightly larger needy house. I'm better able to give it the attention an older home takes. And I  entertain more often than she does usually. Not that you can't entertain in my house, I just don't really have a formal dining room. Mom's not exactly decrepit, but she's 72 and it's time to make things easier for her. The number one reason in the winter is that my house has off street parking. There is no way she can try to shovel out her car parked on the street after the plow comes by. Parking in the driveway will be like a holiday for her!! She'll have more flowerbeds to dink around with at my house...the one's I never could grow much in except crabgrass. That did very well!

And hey...if she hates's not THAT big of a deal to switch the phone back and flop the stuff around the half block again. It's worth a shot if it makes things simpler for her.

So the countdown begins...


  1. Sounds like a good decision. I'm sure your mom will quickly love your smaller house (not to mention not having stairs). Your daughters I take it will have their own rooms. Mine are still waiting to get their own space.....soon, hopefully.

  2. What a great idea! Have fun making the move.

    Thanks for your comment on my 100 things post. It's always fun, I think, to connect with someone over favorite things.