Sunday, January 23, 2011

deadline night...aka high school Sunday night

I had a house full of teens all afternoon and evening. 3 of us were busy doing the homework, the youngest and her fella downstairs watching a movie then off to youth group and home again. Deadlines are so scary on a Sunday night!

Just about to leave for youth group. You can't see in this photo where they are joined at the hip, but it must take awhile to get unhinged because they are usually together at my house or his till about 10. I like him though he's a good kid! :) Kinda fond of her too!! Oh and the curls...natural...doesn't that just get ya!

They are working on a paper that's due in a class they have together. Due tomorrow. (sigh). But what can I say, I took this from my chair where I was working on homework due tomorrow too! I just didn't look quite as preppy doing it. (note the different colored socks my daughter is wearing)

Until tomorrow's folly

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