Saturday, January 22, 2011

Company Party

So our original date for the company Christmas party got cancelled due to bad weather. So we re-scheduled and had a wonderful meal tonight at Timmerman's Supper Club in East Dubuque.

There we are. I'm in the paisley 2nd from the right. Ashley is next to me to my right, she just got engaged to James who is standing behind her. Behind me is our go-to guy Dan. He works out in the mill and never has a bad thing to say about anything. At least not ever in anger!

To my left is Julie. She has all the truely hard jobs in the office, like logistics (waaaaay too hard and stressful) and purchasing (newp not my cup o' tea either) Her husband Bob is behind her

Kris, Sherry, and Diane fill out the wives section of the front row. Their husbands are Shane in the gray sweater, our plant manager, Billy out in the mill, and Marc our controller. We were missing a few more of the mill guys who couldn't make it. Jeff, Jeff, Craig and Josh. Hopefully they can join us next year.

I, however, am NOT going for an 9th year alone. If I have to hire someone to take me I will. Or I just won't go. It does get harder than you think.

It was a melancholy evening all in all.

But one of my favorite places to's such a throw back! I mean really it is honestly a true blue 50's supper club!

Not a very clear shot... but look at that view!

Till tomorrow's folly

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