Monday, January 3, 2011

Back to work day

One day off doesn't exactly make a 'break' but today had that feeling. I suppose because the kids went back to school after 10 days off. And because the holiday's are behind us and we're heading into that stretch of time of 'nose-to-the-grindstone' distractions waiting for spring!!

So I trudged off to my office, which, truth be told, is usually a home away from home. And I did my day, with relatively little stress :)

I work for a swine feed manufacturer. I do mostly Admin, QC, Compliance and IT. I like it except for the IT..computers make me crazy when they aren't behaving!

And no, I've never been up to those platforms. Maybe someday. The guys say its quite a view!

I spared you a daughter said I was going to come off as terribly narcissistic if they all were pics I took of myself! I thought with this mug, it would probably be categorized more as sadistic!

Not a hot bed of excitement today and I'm betting there are quite of few of these yawners coming up! Hope I can stick with it!

Until tomorrow's folly

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