Thursday, January 6, 2011

As uneventful as they a good way!

Today was sheer calm. Nothing excessive nothing boring. Even keel. So I actually felt like making something for supper, I just wasn't sure what. But I've always wanted to cook through a cook book. To have a note by every recipe (unless liver and onions is in there... I already know I hate that). So I had some chicken breasts already cooked up and just looking for something to be used in.

And I have this cook book from my church. With all the great recipes from all those amazing potlucks... so I glanced through and low and behold, found one I didn't even have to go to the store for.

And I gave it a shot. Now I've tried it and, while not what I would request for my birthday dinner, it would go pretty well in the 'shoveling food' category. You know, the comfort food you aren't prissy about eating and you just shovel in as fast as you can ;) j/k..that's really bad for the digestion.

Now the kids haven't tried it. That will let me know how to rate this one.

Chicken Bake
  1 pkg stuffing mix
  1 c hot water or chicken broth
  3 cups cooked chicken cut up
  1 can cream of mushroom soup
  1/3 c sour cream
  1 pkg frozen mixed vegetables or can of veg-all

Preheat oven to 350. In a greased 9x13 pan sprinkle 1/2 of the dressing in a baking dish. Pour hot water or chicken broth over remaining dressing in a separate dish. Sprinkle chicken over dressing. Mix and spoon over chicken. Sprinkle remaining dressing over vegetable and bake for 30 minutes or until vegetable are cooked. This recipe can be prepared  the night before.
Recipe by Doris C.

Until tomorrow's folly

Alas: this probably isn't a keeping in my house...neither of the kiddos were that impressed with it. Oh well.

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