Saturday, August 14, 2010

Yard Sale Jackpot!!

It's mornings like this that will make me yearn for summer all winter long. GREAT yard sales today and I had so much fun!!

First up a sale I've visited before. This lady and her girls are prolific readers and she has permanent bookcases in her garage..the best news is the selection DOES change so it's always fun to go!

Only 3 of these - oh well... pair and spare! Aren't they cute!
Then I turned around and saw this set $3.00 for the set. My mother has a service for 24 of Pfaltzgraff Heritage..but not these pieces!! Score! Christmas gifts!!

This little cutie was in the free box. I'll probably give it a new coat of cream spray paint, but it's really already in very nice shape.

Have been looking for shells to add to my summer table all August :) All started with the starfish candle. .50 for all three

But these were why I went... I meant it when I said this lady has books! I picked up the Nicholas Sparks for .50 even though it said a buck and A Thousand Acres... and she threw the Cat Who Talked To Ghosts in for free.

The other 2 books I got later...when I went BACK to the sale with my Mom. I had seen a book but passed it up, thinking... well I don't know what I was I went back for....

I paid the $4.00 but hey it's Julia!

While I was waiting for mom who was looking around I found this wonderful fork... It's Manor Plate Triple I.S. Rosedale from about 1933. I found some more on eBay so I have hopes of adding to it... sorry the photo is a bit blurry. Silly novice ;)

On to the next sale...
T-shirts 1 local team one... well... self-explanitory.. Rockin the Big 10!!  for .50cest each and like new

I also got this basket... as a project. I always need storage...out of sigt storage. Think I may paint it black. What do you thnk? There are 2 Christmas presents hiding in side but I can't show them here... prying eyes :)

And as I was checking out... I saw this little plant stand and had to have it... $2.00 worth of OH YEAH!

Consulted the paper and off to the next sale... turned out to be a lady that goes to my church. :)

Did anybody Rooster Party last week with Bella Vista? It was AMAZING!! Go here and you can still see all the awesomeness! Well I'm getting ready for NEXT year :) For .50

Pretty sure he's a reproduction, but at $1.00 I liked him :)

My favorite find at this sale... all this artificial fruit to use in displays or if I ever get a cloche for ...$3.00. I was happy!

Off to the next stop...only 1 thing

This beautiful set, round table topper, oblong dresser scarf, 2 hankie box doilies for a buck
And look at the work...hand-stiched with love and perfection. Good pieces with no stains!

Crochet edges and sooo many little french knots and all of them perfect :)

Then off to the local 2nd hand store...

Despite not having touched the projects from last years yard sales, I got this as a project too... I have specific plans :) It was originally 5.00 but a red x mean 1/2 price. It is a very sturdy tray!

Found this doily for fall, Valentines day and/or Christmas for a dollar.

I drink creamer in my coffee... no more ugly plastic bottle out :)

and 2 absolutely pristine plump pillows! Mine here are such junk and I never think of replacing them. These were $4.00 each.... the kitten we had...that's of the orphans we raised from a week old :)

I'd been eyeing this for a few weeks...see the red this for $1.50. Works in my bedroom nicely!

Then I remembered our wonderful little gift store would have some cute things and maybe on sale...

This guy wasn't on sale but he's so perfect for Aunt who collects bottles that I had to have SCORE another Christmas gift! :)

And then I found this...same story...can't tell ya because it's a gift too! So all in all I managed to get gifts for 5 people!! Wowee!

Oh and last night I got this...technically not at a yard sale...but close! I did buy it out of a driveway!!
This is for my daughters and the taxi service of Mom is out of service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope you had fun yard saleing with me!! It was such a memorable day!!

Linking to Today's Thrifty Treasures because I have as much fun looking at the great stuff you find as finding stuff myself!


  1. Wow!! You really had a great day at the yard sales. There were a lot of sales around town today but I have been organizing all my "stuff" lately and realized I have no place for anymore "stuff" :-(
    I bet your daughters are happy to have their own set of wheels!

  2. Oh, my goodness! You got quite a load! Great stuff, and a car??!! Linda

  3. You sure did get a lot of loot. Love the fruit you got you can do so much with that and that rooster is really nice.

  4. oh my goodness, hello awesome scores! loving those books (of course) but that little storage basket and tray are my faves! and how great that you found those pfaltzgraff matching pieces. you rocked those sales, girl!

    ps-i see your matching cardinal find!

  5. You sure got a lot of good stuff. I love the yardsales that have a "free" box. I think I like the fruit best of all.

  6. Wow great finds! I would have totally bought the Julia books too! :)

  7. Wow! You found some great stuff! Love the Julia Child cookbook and what a score for your mom! Cute kitty! I raised Baby Kitty from easy job, huh? Lots of midnight feedings...and even more! I hope you are having a great week!...hugs...Debbie

  8. So many things I want to comment on! I know I will forget something. I was at a "Bachelor Uncles Moved On" estate sale this weekend (that's what the ad said.)Brought home forks. I'll have to look at them again. The vase yard art is great. Around here they do the same thing with light bulbs. I found a Rooster/Hen set on a driveway this week as well, I'll have to post soon. And I was offered 2 really cute bunnies at a sale. Love your multicolored cutie.

  9. Wow, you founds tons of great stuff! I love all that fruit, what a score! I bet your daughters are thrilled with that last find!

    Thanks for visiting me, Have a Lovely week!

  10. OH my gosh you lucked out! I really must start shopping more...but then, where will I put it all?



  11. Laura, Wow- you sure bought tons of stuff and there were some great finds, too! Love the linens- I'm a sucker for them. I have a great recipe for stains if you'd ever like it. It definitely works when you have stubborn mildew or yellow spots.
    And the rooster- I never find those except at retail prices. :-(
    And ya gotta love those Hawkeyes! Did I ever mention that DH is from Dubuque and an Iowa State fan?
    :- ) Sue