Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What they say about news

Well they say "No news is good news" but in this case no news is just no news. I haven't heard back on weather my buyers have their financing secured yet and am in limbo until I do. I can not really make an offer on another house, can't start packing because if it falls through then we're back to having showings. So it's frustrating. But I'll get by. After all its candy corn season. Who invented that triangular crack anyway!! I don't even like candy!

My book challenge is going oh so slow. It occurred to me yesterday that I can't remember the names of the protagonists. I'm thinking I'm not that into this book. (sorry to those of you who really connected with it.) It's just not my time for it apparently.

I did however get the Kiera Knightly version of Pride and Prejudice from Netflix last week. My oldest angel had never seen it...she claims she doesn't like movies...we must have watched it 10 times since then and yesterday when I sealed it up to send it back. She deemed this movie an exception and is ruined in comparing all her suitors to Mr. Darcy and lapsing into old english speaking patterns, accent, and vocabulary at random times. And dream of visiting Chatsworth (Pemberly in Derbyshire in the movie).

I also can not start any projects. Or any I'd hoped to start: my little drawer hanging thingy and my first chalkboard make-over. So I may take back up the crochet hook. Or the embroidery needle.

In the meantime, I'll try to stay focused (or focus on the other things going on with us) until I can put my efforts into either moving (which seems inevitable) or settling in to make my tiny home sufficient for us. Which is possible.


  1. I feel for you....I know it's frustrating to be hanging in limbo waiting for something to happen so you can get on with life. I'm certain that things will all work out for the best!!

  2. O, I love your little house...and if I lived close by, I would buy it!!Good good luck on a sale.
    xo bj