Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pico de gallo and summer memories

What do you do on a dark, soggy fall night when the weather folks keep saying snow flurries...again...already. You remember  sumptious summer fare. Pico de gallo as developed, arranged, and composed by Oldest Angel. Cooking is her hobby and I think she did a lovely job!

She had an idea to go with the memory of flavors from a restaurant and she went from there. I took her to the grocery since O.A. can't drive yet, and we assembled what she deemed the ingredients.

Home grown roma tomatos, purple onion, fresh garlic, lemon juice, and lime juice, with fresh cilantro.

And chop.

And chop

She's very good at chopping and there is no one I'd trust faster with my Wuesthoff than her.

Squeeze lime and/or lemon juice over to taste.

The finished product ready to go into the fridge for some flavor melding and aging. Then on to some good chips!

It was delicious and I can't wait to start thinking about a little garden next year so most of the ingredients can be our own.

Since it was a success, next time we'll step up the presentation and plating points. I could probably find a more coordinating serving piece!

A+ kiddo. A great summer memory and a great mother/daughter memory for me and I hope for her too :)

I'm linking to Gollum and Foodie Friday

Not your typical recipe I know but..."It's not about's about having fun in the kitchen." to quote Gollum...and we sure did!

I think I can still catch a waft of onion and garlic :)


  1. She did indeed do a lovely job. I love your pictures and the instructions for amking. Have a great day.

  2. Very lovely job :)

    Gail-->who is dreaming of pico weather :)

  3. Lovely... and delish!


  4. These are the best kind of memories. I love cooking with my daughter. Please join me for Crock Pot Wednesday and share a favorite slow cooker recipe.