Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

Adjust, Adapt, and Overcome...Right.

My 2 teenagers, known here as Angel 1 and Angel 2, are off to the church lock-in tonight! We are handing the reigns of the youth to a new youth director at midnight and they are having a coronation ;) plus!! It's the old Youth directors birthday! (Happy B-day Karen!!). She's not leaving the church though, just stepping out of that uber responsible position now that she's a (drumroll please) GRAMA :) So it is going to be a terrific Halloween night and one I was supposed to help and be a part of except.......

H1N1 has had me down for over a week now. Everytime I think I'm better and try to start doing things again it kicks back in, fever comes back...blech...Hopefully I'm about through it now. It's be about 10 days maybe 12?

And during that time I got word that my house buyer did indeed back out and my listing is about to expire. I'm taking it as a sign to stay where I am. Which is ok by me, afterall, I love my neighborhood! I'm less than a block from my mother's house. And what I was looking for in another home, I can add to this one.

Actually seeing all the creative blogs and finding new ones everyday gives me the certainty that it can be done, and actually, I'm betting you guys would be glad to help...with ideas and opinions and such :)

So here's the home. It's small (tiny!!) but workable.

And here's why I thought selling would be the better idea: 3 women, 1 bathroom...the square footage of the house is only 876.

but I have 240 on my sun porch out back

and 1/2 the basement is finished.


2 bedrooms up and one (non-conforming) down.

Only have a shower in the bathroom because the previous owners put a stack washer/dryer in there..which I have to admit is handy.

So those are the things that I thought would be easier to sell this and find somewhere else. But alas, the market isn't yet strong enough for me to be able to get out and break even on the improvements I have done (even including some 'depreciation').

Project #1

This is in the basement and is about 15 by 8. This was where the washer and dryer were before they moved upstairs. Say hello to the home of my new lower level bathroom.  About where that board is is where there will be a wall to keep the electrical away from the water/humidity of the bathroom area.

Project #2
An Addition

Bye bye sunporch. I didn't use you that much anyway, like the light though!
Mud room/laundry out here, another bedroom of it 12 by 25 total to add on and viola 1100 sq ft 3 bedroom house. Plus...put a BATHTUB back in the mainfloor bathroom!

Expensive, yes. But it's my home and some of that has to be weighed in too.

 Project #3

Siding and windows

Here's where you get to help...what colors???? I'm going for cottage-ish without storybook colors (ie: green and pink)

Can't wait to hear what you think

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  1. Everything you have planned sound great. I like the pink& green idea for the house paint .