Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Writing Stickies

An event for one of my projects

"you never talk to me"
"I do so talk to you"
"No, No you don't. You never just come up and say, 'hey, class was a trip..blah, blah'. like with other people"
"It's not that"
"that, you know..anything. Guess I just didn't have anything TO say. Wait! that one time we stood and talked for like an hour after class! I do so talk to you... and just as much ."
"that was debating, that was different, that wasn't talking."
"was to me"
"nope. that was just an extension of class. Talking is saying hi, and not that nod thing you do from across the room, but SAYING hi. Or do you avoid me?"

She was half kidding when she asked it, she was only trying to find out if she had offended him in some way, had put him off or needed to apologize for something she did or said. Correct a wrong impression.

He had been standing there munching on a handful of chips, the room was busy with people milling around, making their way to the food line, chatting, grabbing handfuls of snacks from the courtesy bowls on the tables and resting pops, coffee, and juice while they did. All that stopped, it all went to silent static, it all squealched away. He finished his chips, brushed off his salty hands, turned, and fully looked directly at her. Directly. At. Her.

And the electricity scorched her.

"now that...that I do."

And before her heart started beating again, he turned and stalked away.

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